4 Considerations When Visiting Budget Rental Properties

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It is advisable to visit a long-term accommodation facility that you wish to rent before you pay for it. Below are some of the important details that you should gather during the exploratory visit. 

The Neighbourhood

You should note down as many details as possible about the neighbourhood of the budget rental property. For example, is the property close to a shopping center? Is it possible for you to use public transport when you are moving to and from the property? Is the neighbourhood prone to crime? You can get information about the crime rates in the neighbourhood by talking to some of the people that you encounter during your visit.

The Amenities

Take time to assess the kind of amenities that are available on the premises. For example, are utilities, such as water and electricity separated or they are used in common with other renters? Does the unit have a shower or a bath? Will you share the bathroom with other people? Is the kitchen equipped with the necessary appliances, such as a fridge and stove top? Will the kitchen be exclusively reserved for your use? Get all these details so that you can select the long-term accommodation facility that suits your needs.

Its Size

Find out the square footage of the rental unit. Is it large enough for your needs? It is also helpful for you to walk through the entire property so that you can get an actual feel of the property. You may discover that much as the square footage is smaller than you would wish, the place is still acceptable because the major areas are large enough for your needs.


Your site visit is also an opportunity for you to gather detailed information about the costs that you will incur to rent and stay on the property. For example, are there any agency fees that you are expected to pay along with the rent? What security deposit is required? Is the cost of the utilities part of the rent? Who will be responsible for connecting any utilities/amenities that may be missing at the property? A detailed breakdown of the costs will enable you to decide whether you can afford to stay at that accommodation facility.

Gather as much information as possible about different budget accommodation facilities before you make a final decision. In this way, you will be sure that what you finally select will be cost-effective and suitable for your needs.