Two Factors To Consider When Booking A South Coast Holiday Rental Property In Australia

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Here are two factors to consider when booking a South Coast holiday rental property in Australia.

The type of landscape you want the property to be surrounded by

Before booking your accommodation, it's important to consider the type of landscape you'd prefer the rental holiday property to be surrounded by. Many of the holiday rental properties in Australia's South Coast are, unsurprisingly, situated close to the water (such as those in Jervis Bay). One of these could be suitable for your trip if you want to enjoy plenty of beachside sunrises and sunsets and want to see lots of marine life. However, this part of the country also has several other types of landscape, too.

There are, for example, holiday rental properties in this area that are positioned close to Minnamura Rainforest. A property in this setting could be the right choice for your holiday if you want to be within walking or driving distance of waterfalls, colourful wildlife and tropical greenery. Alternatively, you might prefer a more urban landscape with a touch of natural scenery, in which case a holiday rental in the coastal town of Kiama might be a better fit. Renting a holiday property in this town would allow you to take in a lot of urban scenery, whilst still giving you the chance to access and explore more natural landscapes, in the form of the local beaches and the town's well-known water blowhole.

The amenities you'd like your property to have

You'll also need to consider the type of amenities you'd like your holiday lodgings to have. The kind of amenities you'll need will be partly dependent on the time of year that you visit. If, for example, you'll be visiting the South Coast during January or February, when the weather tends to be quite hot, you might need to rent a holiday property that has a pool so you can go for a dip to cool down whenever you get too warm. Additionally, during this period of the year, you might want to rent a holiday property that comes with an outdoor barbecue area that you could use to dine outdoors on sunny days.

You should also consider the general location you'll be in when deciding what amenities it needs to have. For instance, if you're going to rent a holiday home right beside a beach in Jervis Bay, and you plan to do lots of swimming and surfing, you might want to choose a property that comes with an outdoor shower. This would allow you to quickly rinse the sand and seaweed off of yourself after you've been in the water so that you don't track this debris into the holiday home.

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