How to Select a Hotel for Your Sports Team

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Have you just been asked to handle the accommodation needs of your sports team for its away games? Below are some of the considerations that you should have in mind when selecting the hotels.

Dedicated contact person

It is essential for you to select a hotel that has experience in hosting athletes or sports teams. Such a hotel will offer a dedicated contact person who will be in touch with you throughout your stay. Such a contact person will be in a position to arrange the necessary adjustments that need to be made to accommodate the needs of your team. For example, they can prepare a side entrance for the team members to enter the hotel so that they can avoid all the media attention that is common before or after a game. Such attention to detail can allow the team to rest while they prepare for the next game.


It is also important for you to identify a hotel that does not have a rigid schedule. For instance, the team may not be ready to have meals at the normal time like other guests because of practice sessions that the players have to attend. Booking into a flexible hotel can allow the team to adhere to its training or activity plans without having to adjust those schedules to fit into the schedule of activities at the hotel.


Another consideration that you should have in mind when selecting a hotel for your team is soundproofing. Athletes or players need to have ample rest so that they can perform at peak levels when they compete. Rooms with soundproofing can help those team members to rest without having their sleep interrupted by external factors, such as guests who may be having a noisy party in another room.

Personalised Service

You should also select a hotel that has a history of providing personalised service to its guests. Such a hotel will gladly address any special dietary needs that the members of your team may have. For instance, some team members may be on special diets, such as the ketogenic diet. Hotels that offer personalised service will gladly go an extra mile to address the dietary needs of such members.

Not all hotels are ideal for hosting sports teams. Use the considerations above to find the hotel that has the right mix of amenities and customer service tailored to meet the needs of your sports team.